Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dreaming of Springtime

Old Faithful.  Blooming every summer for the past five years!
     This past week has been brutally cold in the Northeast.  When cold, and miserable, I think of my favorite warm weather activity.  Gardening!  I pull out my colored pencils and graph paper and dream of all the gardens I will design or make over.  I'm always making changes and moving plants around.  I like to say that my plants are "on wheels". 

     I also love to go back through photos taken on past tours as well as favorites from around my own gardens.  I'm feeling better already!

Entrance to the children's garden at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.  I seriously want my husband to recreate this for our vegetable garden!!

One of the many lush display beds at Shades of Green in Charlton, NY.  Owner Wynn Trowbridge, specializes in shade loving plants and grasses.Check out her website at Shades of Green

Another colorful, well tended bed. 

A garden in Cooperstown, NY on the Garden Conservancy Open Days tour.  The 2013 schedule will be available soon at The Garden Conservancy  It is a great way to visit amazing private gardens in your area!

The mansion rose garden and pergola at the Newport Flower Show

The combination of pink roses and blue Hydrangeas is stunning.

Can't beat this addition of giant blue Hostas with the hydrangeas.

A shade garden on the Spencertown Academy's Hidden Garden tour of amazing private gardens in the Hudson Valley.  Spencertown Academy

I could spend all winter here!

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  1. Thanks for the uplifting post and beautiful pictures. Spring will be here soon!
    Love the name of your blog - A Lovely Life - makes me thankful and helps to keep things in perspective. Keep the posts coming.