Friday, January 24, 2014

Waiting Impatiently for the January Thaw (or at least the next garden show)

The latest visit from the now infamous, Polar Vortex is starting to wear thin.  I prefer my winters snowy with temps in the high teens and low twenties.  An occasional wind chill in the single digits is tolerable as long as it doesn't last too long.  This year, the sub zero temperatures have been just plain annoying!  Therefore, I am going to take you, Lovely Readers, on some garden tours from the past.  I hope these pictures will warm your soul and possibly give you some ideas for your own gardens.  Enjoy. 

2011 brought us to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens 

One must visit each season, to fully appreciate the exquisite beauty of Pennsylvania's 

Just one of many greenhouses.

 There are no shortage of flower shows to help shake away those mid winter blues.
It is a treat for the senses smelling fresh soil and seeing the colors of springtime in the dead of winter.

First, the Boston Flower Show 

Then there is the wonderful mid-summer show in Newport, Rhode Island 

International Tennis Hall of Fame

Driveway of a private residence.
A favorite sign along the Cliff Walk.


Some of the loveliest gardens I have had the pleasure of visiting are through the Open Days program courtesy of the Garden Conservancy.  These gardens range from the small and simple, to the formal estate garden maintained by a full time staff.  All have something special to offer and it is always a learning experience meeting the special people who plan and tend these gardens.

As much as I love to visit other gardens, I'm always happiest with my own patch of earth.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I can't wait for springtime!

  2. LOVE it, Laurie! Your photos are fantastic = and what perfect timing. Who isn't yearning for a garden tour right now? Thank you for taking us along.