Thursday, March 21, 2013

First garden Tour of 2013

As a member of the Garden Conservancy I anxiously await their Open Days calendar each spring.  This year the first tour was in Ithaca NY and was touting 400 varieties of Snow drops and a variety of other spring blooming bulbs.  My friend and I were geared up for our road trip, three hours each way, needing to see color after this trying winter.

This is what greeted me that morning......

We were concerned, yet optimistic, as we were traveling quite a distance and the fact that Ithaca has weird micro climates.  It was 32 degrees as we traveled and 36 degrees as we entered Ithaca.

18th century home moved to present site

  After going up and down hills for what seemed like forever, we found a lovely Greek Revival home on a hill overlooking the valley.  Unfortunately, the Snow Drops had decided that it was too cold to make an appearance.  What should have been an amazing display, turned out to be limited appearances by a few intrepid individuals.

I am so coveting this temple.

Brave Snow Drops

White Hellebores
Spring blooming Cyclamen.  I love the variegation in the leaves!

Aconite never fails to deliver no matter the weather.

Upside down green hearts.  I think I must search this one out.
Even though the flowers were no shows, the day was by no means over.  There was lunch to be had!  I always ask the locals where they like to eat and the recommendation that day was the Ithaca Beer Company

Think about it.  They're full of beer!

I was the DD so my traveling buddy asked for samples, both were to her liking but she chose the one that was more "hoppy".  The food was great, as was the atmosphere, and the wait staff were extremely attentive.  We'll be back!

Not to be missed!

 On our way home we stopped at La Maison Blanche in the lovely town of Norwich, NY.  This little bakery, in the middle of nowhere, has the most incredible selection of breads and pastries. I always get their individual quiches, mousse in chocolate cups and of course the chocolate mice.  My buddy loaded up on bread.

The body is filled with chocolate ganache.  YUM!!!!!
No, we didn't see endless drifts of Snow Drops, but we had another great adventure.  To spend a day with a good friend is absolutely priceless!

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