Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Arrival of the Teasin' Season

March came in like a lion this year with snow, sleet and crazy winds!  The sun is out and just as quickly it's hiding behind the clouds.  The ground thaws one day and turns to mud.  Next thing I know, it's frozen solid again.  

Snow fall on February 27, 2013

  Mother Nature is teasing us.  I can see the buds on the branches.  Ducks and geese are flying northward and blue birds have been spotted.  I know Spring is right around the corner.  After all,  Punxsutawney Phil said so.  Of course last year he predicted a long winter and we had the warmest on record!  Dumb rodent.


Bean Boots with Lab flannel PJ's


Very cold dragonfly on the garden shed

 So what's a girl to do?  Well first I have to get through the mud season.  Mud on shoes, mud on boots but worst of all is the mud brought in by mans' best friend on paws and belly.  I wish I had invested in Swiffers.

The Culprit

The Evidence

 I can see the dirt.  It's calling to me to come out and play.  I know better.  The ground is frozen solid and even my Hellebores are hiding from the frigid winds.

Smart perennials still sleeping in their beds


So I felt a therapeutic road trip was needed and headed out to Schoharie Valley Farms to visit their greenhouse.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I wish you could smell the fragrance of fresh dirt and green plants as I opened the door.  Warm, humid air enveloped me and it was pure heaven!  While there, I also picked up fresh produce and checked out their baked goods.  They have a wonderful cafe offering sandwiches and more!

Flats of seedlings in the greenhouse

 March is also the month for flower shows.  This week is the oldest in the country,  The Philadelphia Flower Show.  Once you have been to this show everything else pales in conparison.  It is overwhelming in its size and scope.  I recommend staying overnight and attending after 3:00 when the tour buses are leaving.  You'll have the place to yourself and be able to truly appreciate all the exhibits. 

Our greeter, in 2010, was this amazing elephant
Beautiful table setting
Miniature rock garden


 Next week is The Boston Flower Show.  Much smaller than its Philly counterpart but no less lovely.  There are beautiful displays, informative lectures and vendors.  Lots and lots of vendors! This year I'm taking the bus trip organized by Faddegon's Nursery.

Boston Flower Show 2011

Amazing container with water feature
Love the colorful, over sized flower and bird house


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